Cryosphere-Climate laboratory

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Cryosphere-Climate laboratory

The laboratory was founded in June 2016 by the collaboration between the GeoClimAlp research group and the MeteoMet project, as a laboratory for the climate data quality. The main purpose was to characterize through innovative procedures, sensors and acquisition chains that were used for the detection of the main climatic parameters acquired in the alpine environments.

The on-site activity carried out for several years by GeoClimAlp in the glacial and periglacial environments, aimed to improve knowledge on the relationship between climate and morphodynamic processes in these areas, has highlighted the need to characterize the thermal state of the geological materials present, through laboratory determinations.

The laboratory has therefore expanded its operational sphere, acquiring the main parameters useful to investigate, in a more accurated way, the cryosphere-climate interactions, with particular reference to the main climatic variables and to the thermal conditions of the rocks of the main morphodynamic processes.

The activity is carried out in close collaboration with a research group of INRiM.


The main purposes of the lab are:

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