• Role of ongoing climate change in the morphogenesis of the glacial/periglacial areas and related hazards;
  • Meteo-climatic conditions (especially temperature and precipitation) for triggers of natural instability processes in mountain environments, with particular regard at high-elevation sites;
  • Effect of climate change on the triggering thresholds of landslides in the Alps;
  • Variability and evolution of the main climatic and hydrologic parameters observed in the Italian Alps;
  • Evolution of Alpine glaciers in the last 150 years (post LIA), relation with topoclimatic conditions and related impacts;
  • Documentation of natural instability processes in the Alps, with particular attention to processes that occur in glacial and periglacial environment;
  • Development of information management systems (database, geoportals, spatial data infrastructures), for the storage and management of glacial, periglacial and mountain digital resources, related to the Greater Alpine Region in general, and to the Italian Alps in particular.